OLD Job? No Documentation? Obsolete Parts? NO PROBLEM!!! TriTech has the ability to solve these problems for you. We have the experience in updating boards that are no longer able to be built. We can generate a board that is a direct replacement for the existing board. After the engineering is complete, the customer will receive a Schematic, BOM, Gerber Files, Drawing, and Assembly drawing. Minimum requirement for a reverse design would be a sample of the existing board.

  • Help decrease size of the circuit by using surface mount components
  • Finding crosses for obsolete part
  • Board can be a direct replacement for current board (size, connectors, etc.)

Documentation that can be used to reverse engineer:

  • Schematic
  • Build of Material (BOM)
  • Sample board with components

Reverse Engineering Example

Reverse Engineered Board (Before)
Original Board with Thru-Hole Components
Reverse Engineered Board (After)
Reverse Engineered & Redesigned Board that is a direct replacement with updated surface mount components